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  Dreadlocking Methods and Techniques

We hope you find these Dreadlocking Methods and Techniques useful - RockingLocks

While there are many dreadlocking techniques out there today, we have focused on the most common.

We do not pass judgment on any one particular style.

There is no such thing as a "right way"!

Most natural dread heads will swear by the neglect method but that's just because it suits them.

We acknowledge that everyone is unique. We all have different ideals of how we like dreadlocks to look.

We hope the provided information sheds some light on dreadlocking styles, so you can make an informative decision on what dreading method best suits you.

Sometimes, in all the politics, people forget that dreadlocks should be fun, funky and fresh! Keep on rocking and carry on locking!

Dreadlocking Technique - Natural Neglect Method

Dreadlocking Technique - BackCombing Method

Dreadlocking Technique - Crocheting Method

Dreadlocking Technique - Interlocking Method




Which Dreadlocking Method Do You Prefer?

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